The perfect Combo bracelet for Men, made to elevate any outfit with minimum effort.

This tactile two in one bracelet combines woven leather and semi-precious stone beads giving the appearance of stacked bracelets while wearing just one. Handcrafted this elegant multi textured bracelet is finished with a signature Sterling Silver or 18K Gold plated hook clasp to add an extra touch of Luxury

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Size measurements Bracelets and Cuffs

There are two ways to measure your wrist size, just above the hand you can wrap a standard measuring tape around your wrist to get a precise figure then add 1cm for a fit we recommend. Or calculate it in reverse by finding a bracelet that fits you perfectly and measuring its length across.
For our Dual Bracelets we recommend a snug fit rather than too loose.
Also taking into account the leather will stretch naturally.
Small: up to 17.5cm Wrist
Medium: up to 18.5cm Wrist
Large: up to 21.5cm Wrist

Extra Large: up to 23.5cm Wrist

For our Cuffs  
Small: up to 17cm Wrist
Medium: Up to 18.5cm Wrist
Large: Up to 21.5cm Wrist