New Zealand born London based, Alton first began designing jewellery whilst working as a Fashion Editor, crafting pieces for fashion shoots; simple things that the models would often ask to keep. Organically these one off creations evovled into developing his own collection of jewellery for men.

Drawn to the energy and raw beauty of natural materials, Alton has been inspired to work with semi-precious stones, crystals and precious metals to create a demi-fine collection with cool modern relevance and a casual relaxed sense of style.

The stones and crystals Alton has chosen have long been associated with harnessing energies to help towards finding a calming sense of balance.
“We want our jewellery to help provide a positive and optimistic mindset in dealing with the everyday challenges of modern day living.
The duality of wearing something aesthetically pleasing and with symbolic power was very important for me to imbue into my collection and pass on to the individual wearer.“

Mental positivity and emotional balance is something Alton feels passionately about and will be donating a percentage of each sale to the Mental Health Foundation Charity.

Size measurements Bracelets and Cuffs

There are two ways to measure your wrist size, just above the hand you can wrap a standard measuring tape around your wrist to get a precise figure then add 1cm for a fit we recommend. Or calculate it in reverse by finding a bracelet that fits you perfectly and measuring its length across.
For our Dual Bracelets we recommend a snug fit rather than too loose.
Also taking into account the leather will stretch naturally.
Small: up to 17.5cm Wrist
Medium: up to 18.5cm Wrist
Large: up to 21.5cm Wrist

Extra Large: up to 23.5cm Wrist

For our Cuffs  
Small: up to 17cm Wrist
Medium: Up to 18.5cm Wrist
Large: Up to 21.5cm Wrist